DiveMaster for Windows

Quick Tour / Screenshot Gallery

File Management

File Management - All log file manipulation happens here. Files may be created, deleted, renamed, and even joined together.

Dive Log

Dive Log Entry - All data for a single dive is organized neatly on a single page. Only enter the information you care about. There are no 'required' fields.

Equipment Log

Equipment Log - Equipment tracking is easy using this two-pane interface. Enter gear items in the upper list, and for each one, build a list of servicing entries in the lower list.

Personal Information

Personal Information - Store important certification, medical and contact information on this page. Each log file gets its own personal information page.


Detailed Statistics - Apply the power of your computer to analyze your log data. 4 histograms expressing various trends in your data are accompanied by a variety of numerical statistics such as your accumulated bottom time, maximum depth, longest dive, etc.

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