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In addition to our own line of diving-related products, ReefNet is pleased to offer the finest books and accessories from some of our partners.
Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas (3rd Ed.)
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
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The standard fish ID reference book for underwater naturalists and marine scientists since 1989 just got better!

The enlarged 3rd edition has grown by 20 percent including the addition of more than 100 exciting new fish species. The scientifically updated text now boasts 825 classic marine life photographs of 600 common and rare reef fish species. The easy to use, quick-reference format designed for divers makes it a snap to identify the myriad fishes that inhabit the waters of Florida, the Caribbean, Bahamas and now Brazil!

Featuring a new durable, cloth-stitched flexi-binding that folds flat for easy use and water-repellent plastic covers.
Reef Creature Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas (2nd Ed.)
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
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The book that has been relied on for a decade to identify the weird and wonderful crabs, lobsters, shrimps, jellies, sponges, tunicates and mollusks that inhabit the reefs is now 30 percent larger!

The 2nd edition includes 220 new photos of beautiful shells, outrageously camouflaged crabs, a superb collection of exquisite nudibranchs and the most outrageous octopus ever discovered in the Caribbean!

The scienitifically up-dated text, illustrated with more than 660 fascinating photos, is the most comprehensive and beautiful visual ID reference published for marine invertebrates of the Florida, Caribbean and Bahamas region.
Reef Coral Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas (2nd Ed.)
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
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You know the fishes and can identify the reef critters, but what about the animals that actually form a coral reef? Existing in an abundance of colors and intriguing shapes, these animals are worth a closer look. 530 classic photographs of living specimens and the most current scientific classifications help identify virtually every species of stony coral, gorgonian, fire coral and black coral inhabiting the tropical western Atlantic.

The new 2nd edition includes a comprehensive photo-essay of coral diseases and predation and a photo gallery on coral reproduction. If you want to know more about marine plants, this book is for you; an appendix with descriptions and photos of 100 species of marine plants is included. Improved flexibinding with plastic covers allows the book to lie flat.
Reef Fish Behavior
by Ned DeLoach
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This groundbreaking text offers underwater naturalists a detailed overview of what is presently known about the behavior and ecology of reef fishes inhabiting the waters of Florida, the Caribbean and Bahamas. It also serves as a companion reference to the popular "Reef Fish Identification". The enjoyable fact-filled text is lavishly illustrated with 475 marine life photos, many capturing spectacular fish behaviors never before documented. Readers not only learn about the nature of the fishes sighted on every reef dive, but also learn when and where to observe the dramatic behaviors.
Coastal Fish Identification: California to Alaska (2nd Ed.)
by Paul Humann
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Fishwatchers from San Diego to Anchorage rejoice! West coast divers no longer have an excuse for not knowing the names of the fish in their backyard. Paul Humann has teamed up with photographers Howard Hall and Neil McDaniel to bring you the most comprehensive pictorial fish ID guide ever published for these waters. More than 270 superb color photos are presented in our popular, quick-reference format. With comb-binding.
Reef Fish Identification: Galapagos (2nd Ed.)
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
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The diversity, quantity and vitality of fish life in the seas that bathe the Galapagos archipelago is every bit as dramatic as the exotic wildlife above! Completely updated with many new photos added. A much improved identification book for one of the world's natural underwater wonders. If you are even thinking of diving the Galapagos this beautiful, comprehensive fish identification guide is a must.
Reef Fish Identification: Tropical Pacific
by Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann, and Ned DeLoach
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Finally, a comprehensive fish identification guide covering the fish-rich reefs of the Pacific. 2,500 underwater photographs of 2,000 species from four of the best marine life authors/photographers in the business. Their collaboration makes it possible for underwater naturalists to identify fishes from Thailand to Tahiti with a single, compact, easy-to-use, no-nonsense reference. 108 fish families are presented in one of 20 Identification groups based on a family's visual or behavioral characteristics, such as Large Oval/Colorful or Sand/Burrow Dwellers. Likewise, every effort has been made to group similar appearing species together.
Reef Fish Identification: Baja to Panama
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
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The most comprehensive field guide ever compiled for identifying reef fishes from the Gulf of California to the Pacific coast of Panama, including offshore islands. More than 500 photographs of 400 species taken in their natural habitats. The book is dedicated to Baja Legend Alex Kerstitch and includes several of his drawings and photographs.The concise text accompanying each species portrait includes common, scientific and family names, size range, description, visually distinctive features, preferred habitat, typical behavior, depth range, and geographical distribution.
Nudibranch Behavior
by David W. Behrens
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Nudibranchs are among the most beautiful creatures on the reef, with colors and shapes that dazzle and delight. Unlike fish that may disappear before our eyes in a flash, the showy nudibranch glides slowly along the substrate, allowing us the time to savor this extraordinary sight. With their shell-less unprotected bodies, how do they survive in seas filled with hungry mouths? How do these sightless creatures navigate the reefs to find food and mates? What and how do they eat? How do they reproduce? What special relationships have they developed with other reef inhabitants? These and many more questions are answered in this informative and lavishly illustrated book. You will never look at nudibranchs the same way again.
Marine Life of the North Atlantic
by Andrew J. Martinez
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An informative and accurate ID guide for marine life of the coastal northeast Atlantic. Fishes, invertebrates and marine plants are included in this single volume. 360 species are illustrated with 378 underwater photographs. Text for each species includes identification tips, size, habitat and geographical range. Space is provided to record when and where sightings were made.
Shore Fishes of Hawaii
by John E. Randall
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A comprehensive, informative, and accurate fish ID reference for the Hawaiian Islands, written by one of the world's most renowned ichthyologists. After receiving his doctorate at the University of Hawaii, "Jack" Randall continued to study Hawaiian fishes for more than 40 years, describing 35 new indigenous species in the process. Short and concise species accounts accompanied by beautiful color underwater photographs make identification a snap for the 342 common and rare fishes included in this guide.
Caribbean Sea Slugs
by Angel Valdes, Jeff Hamann, David Behrens, and Anne Dupont
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A comprehensive reference to sea slugs from the tropical northwestern Atlantic. Multiple color photos of each show color variation. Close-ups of rhinophores, gills and eggs also included for many species. Introduction discusses where to look and how to find nudibranchs.
Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy
by Susan Porter
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This guide is a tool for those who want to enjoy the freedom offered by shore diving and snorkeling. The original information was gathered over a number of years and has been revised continually to keep it up-to-date.

There are 75 sites described in the guide. Details include: the best entry and exit points, an overview of topography, and a rating system based on conditions relating to the site.

The ideal guide to exploring Bonaire's underwater world!

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