H2YO Noisemaker

A cheap, small, and effective underwater signal

H2YO Noisemakers are currently unavailable with no ETA at this time. Please check back or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

The problem

You've just seen a great white. You're out of air. Or perhaps you discovered a gold brick in the sand. How do you get your buddy's attention, or help from others?

The solution

Give ReefNet's new "H2YO" a shake to emit a loud and distinctive rattle that can be heard at great distances underwater. To make sure you sound unique, H2YO is offered with two sounds:

  • Rattle - several balls inside
  • Clank - one large ball inside

The benefits

There are many reasons to use an H2YO instead of alternative signalling devices:

  • It can't be forgotten on shore/boat like a tank banger since it stays on your BC
  • Both sound patterns are unique and easily identifiable. Neither sounds like a tank banger...the days of wondering "who's banging?!" are over
  • It doesn't require an air supply like many other noisemakers
  • It doubles as a gear identifier (different colours for different people)
  • It's virtually indestructible

I want one!

H2YO noisemakers are available from ReefNet and from many of our dealers. We offer a number of bright colours to match your dive gear, and two distinct sound patterns.

"Your Logo Here!"

Got a message to advertise, or a business to promote? Nothing does it better than a custom printed underwater noisemaker jangling on a diver's BC. ReefNet can custom print your logo or message on each H2YO rattle to make the ideal promotional giveaway at dive shows, at your dive shop, or special event. And it doesn't cost a lot!

Contact ReefNet for volume pricing and custom printing details!

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