Sensus Ultra Gallery

ATTENTION: These photos are of the SENSUS PRO. New photos of the SENSUS ULTRA (very similar) will be posted soon.
Sensus Pro and cradle on coins Universal cradle
The standard kit includes the data recorder (left), and the universal download cradle (right). Highly miniaturized. Coins not included :-) The universal download cradle offers ports for connection to PC, Mac, Palm, Pocket PC. etc. No messy adapters to worry about! USB cable also available.
Sensus Pro and cradle -- unmated Sensus Pro and cradle -- mated
Recorder and download unit, unmated. Three exposed contacts on the back of recorder match three raised contacts on the downloader. Mating the recorder to the downloader is easy. It automatically centers itself.

Sensus Pro -- Front

Front and back views of the recorder.

Notice the three contacts and engravable nameplate on the back of the device.

Extremely small and unobtrusive!

Sensus Pro -- Back

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