SubSee Comparison Photos

See how much the SubSee Magnifier can improve your photos/video!

The following subjects were photographed both WITH and WITHOUT the SubSee Adapter Kit. They represent expected results with a typical DSLR macro setup. The camera system used was a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 105mm macro lens. All photos are uncropped and unedited with the exception of uniform scaling to fit this page.

Using this setup and the SubSee optics with +10 diopter strength, the approximate magnification ratio achieved is 2.2:1, and a subject just 10-11 mm fills the frame!

Note that lens selection and lens-to-magnifier distance affect magnification ratio. Although the SubSee can be used with any macro lens, the best results are achieved with longer focal lengths. For instance, a magnification ratio of about 3.5:1 is possible with a 200mm primary lens!

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