Maluku Divers

The only land-based dive center operating in Ambon and Maluku province

Maluku Divers is the only land-based dive resort in Ambon, and the first waterfront accommodation in the area to offer private bathrooms. With both basic and resort-style accommodations, a full service dive center, and restaurant, it is unquestionably the best base from which to explore the amazing treasures of Ambon's waters.


Maluku Divers offers two styles of accommodation depending on your needs and budget.

Basic accommodations are located within the dive center building. These clean, comfortable single and double rooms have shared bathroom and shower facilities (recently expanded and retiled), air conditioning and brand new beds, linens and towels. Because of their proximity to the dive center, the basic accommodations are a particularly convenient home for diving with Maluku.

Resort accommodations are located in a separate waterfront complex 200 yards from the dive center. Newly refurbished twin and double rooms each have private bath and air conditioning, hot shower, new Balinese bed(s), and a balcony with ocean view. Transportation between the resort accommodations and the dive center is provided by becak, a traditional bicycle-like passenger cart. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


Maluku Divers operates two well-maintained twin engine dive vessels. It is therefore possible to simultaneously dive both reef and muck sites, or to spread a large group over similar sites for the most comfort and consideration of the environment. Most popular sites are just a few minutes by boat from the Maluku Divers dive center including world-class muck diving, coral reefs, and a 100 meter wreck.

All of Maluku Divers' instructors and guides take dive safety seriously and use their extensive experience to guide divers throughout Ambon and Maluku province. All are PADI certified and trained in the use of oxygen and other first aid techniques.

Underwater photographers and videographers are welcomed at the resort, and dedicated indoor and outdoor camera tables make assembly and preparation of your equipment easy.

Meals & Drinks

All Maluku Diving packages include all meals, prepared lovingly by a local chef. The Indonesian-centered menus feature a variety of ingredients and frequently include fresh fish caught daily from local waters. Between meals, snacks and local treats guarantee to keep every diver's stomach pleasantly full.

Soft drinks and beer are available from the office.

Land Excursions

Ambon and the islands of the region have a bloody history of battle over the spice trade. So a trip to this part of Indonesia wouldn't be complete without visiting some of its notable historical sites. For instance, around the capital of Ambon are the ruins of several fortifications built by the Dutch and the Portugese hundreds of years ago. Some of these are readily accessible, but others are barely visible anymore, slowly being covered by the roots of Banyan trees.

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