A paradise of reefs and muck diving rich with rare and undescribed marine life


Ambon, Indonesia is a rarity in the diving world because it offers both impressive reef systems as well as world-class muck diving. Due to its remote location, Ambon's marine habitats have been spared the devastating impact of large-scale human activity. Only a handful of liveaboards pass through the region each year, and just one land-based dive resort exists: Maluku Divers.

Just how productive are the reefs around Ambon? Consider that in the past few months an entirely new species of frogfish was discovered here!


Ambon Island is one of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It is located in central Indonesia in the northern Banda Sea. The city of Ambon is the capital of the Maluku province and is a hub of air travel in the region.

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Marvelous Muck

Ambon is best known for its amazing muck diving. But what is muck diving, and why would you want to try it?

Think of diving over a sandy, rocky, and muddy or grassy bottom and you begin to get the picture. It's not a very pretty one...but that's not the draw. Instead, you focus your attention on the small creatures inhabiting the cracks, holes, and foliage along the bottom. What you soon discover in Ambon is that the otherwise drab bottom is bursting with extraordinary marine life: frogfishes, pipefishes, scorpionfishes (including the namesake Ambon scorpionfish), eels, blennies, dragonets, and so much more! These are creatures that you will never see on a typical reef, and which are some of the rarest in the world.

The muck diving in Ambon is arguably better than anywhere in the world, and is accessible easily from land- or sea-based accommodations.

Beautiful Reefs

If you'd prefer to take in the "big picture" Ambon wins just as decisively. Reef-lovers and wide-angle photographers will enjoy the majestic terrain and swirling schools of fish that are fixtures along the sloping reefs and walls of the region. Some highlights include:

  • Pintu Kota, where the underwater terrain competes with the fish life for your attention and admiration. A giant rocky archway matches a similar structure above water.
  • Hukurila Cave offers twisting caverns and canyons swarming with life.
  • Pulau Tiga (site of the first Survivor TV series) offers a kaleidescope of reef fishes.
  • Day trips to Molana Island and Nusa Laut to dive their exceptional walls.

Along Ambon's south coast, ocean currents entice large pelagics to come near shore. It is not uncommon to see mantas, sharks, large napoleon wrasse, and even whales, dolphins and orcas here!

Travel Tips

Ambon may be reached easily by air connections through Makassar from international hubs such as Bali, Jakarta, and Manado. Our travel booking agent Reef & Rainforest can help you arrange your flight and hotel details.

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